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Ally Hardesty got popular as a YouTube blogger and vlogger. She launched her blog back in 2015. So far, she

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Lucy Fallon acted in Coronation Street soap opera. The role of Bethany Platt brought her numerous awards and nominations including

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Brie Larson is an actress and singer who began her creative career as a child and participated in a popular

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Natasha Goulden (birth date 11/27/1992) rose to prominence as a Swedish actress. She acted in Wolfblood and Obsession: Dark Desires

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Joanna, an American pop singer, better known as JoJo, began her career with a children’s television show and has released

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Fandy is a rather popular female streamer who performs mostly on Twitch but also uses other social media. She began

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Victoria Jane Longley is a British media world person, who is also known under the stage name Vicky Longley. She

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Kelly Cobiella is an example of a professional journalist who received an appraisal for her gradual development. Thus, she started

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Melanie Sykes is one of the most well-known TV presenters and hosts in England. Her career began in 1990 when

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Being a British reality show actress, Jemma Lucy also worked as a model. Her career began when she was 17