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Hayley Atwell (birth date 04/05/1982) rose to popularity as an actress. She often acted in stage productions like A View

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Natalya Rudova (birth date 07/02/1983) grew to fame as an actress. Her most prominent role was in Tatyanin Den series.

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Sofia Kasuli (birth date 11/27/1994) became famous as a porn actress. Originally, she’s from Largo, Florida. She started her career

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Natasha Hamilton (birth date 07/17/1982) gained recognition as a singer. She was a member of Atomic Kitten. Together they released

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Ashley Mulheron (birth date 02/08/1983) rose to prominence as an actress and TV presenter. She was trained at Central School

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Sophie Gradon (10/25/1985 – 06/20/2018) rose to fame as a beauty pageant, model, and marketing manager. She won Miss Newcastle

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Kirsty Duffy gained fame as a TV personality. She started her career in the reality show Cruel Winter. Later she

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Melina Lezcano (birth date 11/07/1988) gained prominence as a pop singer. The cumbia singer is known for her work in

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Ivana Milicevic (birth date 04/26/1974) became famous as an actress and model. Her biggest role so far was in Cinemax

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