How to Become A Webcam Model

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Webcam modelling is definitely not a dream career you would hope for in childhood, but work of a genitor or a waiter in some lousy place is not the crème of the crème on the job market either. Being a webcam model can bring you a decent income, if you invest some efforts and follow a strategy.

The job indeed has risks and means that your explicit videos and photos can go on the web and go viral, so before signing up, consider if you are ready to face it and explain yourself to parents or friends. If you do not care much about that, if you feel comfortable about your body and about staging sex shows for people to see them, then probably you should give it a try.

So how to become a cam model? Here are five essential steps to become a successful and high-earning web cam model.

  1. Pick a reputable cam site with diversity of traditional and fetish cams and set up an account there. Webcam sites can give you money or trouble, or both, so google and read reviews before opting for your first one. The work is legal, so you will have to provide your personal and payment details, photos of ID for verification, deal with a release form for video rights, paying taxes, etc. So the site that you entrust with such info should be verified and reputable, like

To set up an account, invent a nice and easy nickname, make up you bio (it will include your bodily parameters as well) and upload some sexy pics of you. The best one will become your account avatar. If you do fetish cams, provide the pics of fetish, correspondingly.

  1. Get good video equipment and decide upon you ‘workplace’. Your main job is to be seen, and to be seen clearly, so you will need a high grade video camera, a professional mike and some professional lighting. Take care of steady and hi-speed internet for smooth high resolution streaming. Your customers should enjoy their experience and see everything they want to see, and not get mad at frozen image or Minecraft-like pixels on the screen. Think where you would work and make it your signature location. A bed, an armchair, a thick (and clean) carpet – stick to it in your shows and keep it clean and tidy.
  2. Decide on a schedule and observe it. Plan how much money you want to make and how many hours you will have to work per week. According to your calculations, make a schedule when you will be online, and make it visible in your account. In your public shows, remind whey you will be online next time, so any newcomer could remember it and follow you. The key is to follow the schedule strictly, so that viewers always found you over there at that special time.
  3. Employ some marketing and self-promotion on social media.

After you have done a show or two, and found your first regulars, build a kind of marketing strategy. Create a separate ‘professional’  Insta and Twitter account and invite guys from the cam site to follow you there. Give links to your camming account, post sensual and provocative pics, talk to your followers and provide your working schedule there as well.

If everything goes well, register at other cam sites to broader your circle of followers. If you are willing to do so, post your recorded shows to porn sites. Give your working nick in the title, so that interested people could google your name and find your main camming account.

  1. Follow some secrets of the profession to earn more money.

Good spoken English is a must (really good, we mean). You will chatter to customers, read comments and write responses, so good language skills are a must.

Be happy with what you do and show it on the camera. If you are unwilling but are doing it just for money, it will be visible. To be successful, you have to be in good mood, relaxed, engaged and ready for something new.

Try to get into the niche of fetish cams. You will be surprised how many men go crazy over legs, feet, butts, stockings, costumes, etc. so you may not even do anything explicit or provocative, and still earn by showing and caressing the body parts they find arousing.

In general, be groomed, be relaxed and confident about your body, nurture your audience and play around with something new from time to time. And you will be a successful cam model with steady earnings.

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